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What’s Nosing?

“Murphy’s law’ No.7;

1). If you have anything long enough, you can cut it short.

2). If you cut anything short, you will need it as soon as it is not long anymore.

A stair nosing trim is designed to be an immediate solution to creating stairs out of laminate or bamboo flooring of your choice. Normally a piece of stair nose trim can be cut at a desired length (be careful!) to cover front edge of a step. The slip resistant design at edge of a trim improves the safety of daily use.

There are three kinds of stair nosing trim which are divided by sizes. The first one is junior size which is produced for 8mm thickness laminate flooring. The second one is suitable for 12mm thickness flooring which is called mid stair nosing. The last one is senior size which can be used for 14mm thickness laminate or bamboo flooring.

For bamboo flooring stairs, the pursuit of a stunning appearance can be satisfied by the prefinished bamboo material nosing which is available in both natural and coffee colours.

There is another ‘one size fit all’ stair nosing designed for all kind of laminate, floating and bamboo floors. Installer will have to nail and glue it down to a wooden stair base, otherwise it’s easy to come out within a short term.

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