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Design Trends In Laminate Flooring (1)

Timber flooring experts’ recent research shows there are two design trends currently dominate the international laminate flooring market:

First is the continuous improvement in surfaces by mean of synchronized grain and pore printing. With synchronized grain, laminate floorings obtain a clear reproduction of the natural wood.

Second is direct print laminate flooring using indirect gravure printing. This technology has been widely used in the furniture industry for years, you could find this kind of products in many furniture shops, but now brings laminate floorings to its new generation.

From the experts’ point of view, to convey a higher impression of elegance, the preference is for wood floor boards with matt surfaces, while for the more antique or rustic designs, it is the deep brushed or ‘scrubbed’ surfaces which are enjoying popularity. The technology really gives floor planks a natural craftsman’s look. We stock all these unique 12mm thick flooring products in our showroom in Strathfield South NSW 2136.

–To Be Continued–

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