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Design Trends In Laminate Flooring(2)

Experts also tell us there is trend in wood species that choosing the darker timber colours like Merbau or Walnet colours, rather than lighter ones. Even the mid-brown wood types, such as oak, are now available in darker shades. These timber products are also the best sellers in our company’s laminate floor and even in our engineered flooring ranges.

Experts notice that the preference for floorboard width has become increasingly narrower nowadays–by 50mm or 60mm, the length of floorboard range across a spread of 500mm to 1350mm.

Experts also remind us, lacquered surfaces laminate floor is increasing across the floating floors market now. Lacquered laminate floorings are both available in glossy and matt finish. The reason customers like it is the lacquered surface offering a floor of a natural and elegant appearance. In terms of both optic and haptic qualities, these new products represent attractive additions to the wide floor covering variety. Please visit our showroom for more information.

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