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New Created Vocabulary + ‘Old’ Accessories (2)


MARKET CORRECTION — The day after you buy stocks.

CASH FLOW– The movement your money makes as it disappears down the toilet.

PROFIT — An archaic word no longer in use.

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Aluminum trims are essential accessories used with installing floor boards. Different profile ranges designed for different purposes.

One widely used is UNIVERSAL TOP/RAMP which can be used to cover expansion gap or doorways, or as a connector for surfaces of equal height or a small ramp for surfaces of unequal height. For instance, it can be used to connect flooring and tiles when the surface of tiles is higher than the flooring.

We recommend using both cover and base with this profile. The base needed to be pre-fitted before laying floor boards, and then fit the cover to finish job. In this way the installed floor boards are able to expand in hot weather and installer will find it easy to open it up for any service job later on. It’s not our way just glue the cover on floor boards, as some installers do in rush jobs.

There is another profile called H-trim, can also be performed as a connector for equal height surfaces or a control joint for doorways. But it’s not handy for service work afterward.

We’ll talk about STAIR JOINT in our next blog.

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