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Timber Is Better

We had customer asking, as timber flooring products are popular in household market, why it isn’t the first choice of material amongst Architects, interior designers for commercial, retailers and industrial buildings? Well, we guess the reasons are:

1) The lead time to receive timber materials longer and the cost much higher compared with steel, carpets, concrete and other flooring materials;

2) Lack of specialist timber knowledge amongst building engineers, designers and constructors, also lack of technical support from the timber industry;

3) People have limited training in timber products, especially in the commercial sectors.

Actually, there are a lot of benefits of using wood products which including flexibility of design, chance of adding value, easy to install and that unique warm element that appeals.

Educational promotions, training and advertisement will help to attract more customer using timber flooring products. Don’t forget the Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) is able to give supports to all your timber flooring needs.

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