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Decking Timber(2)

From their experience, this floor-friendly product is very easy to use. When you start, just apply it to a wet surface with a wool brush. Once it dried, apply the second coat, and the third coat after about 1-2 hours. The whole job can be finished in a single day for most residential decks.

The product comes in 7 beautiful timber colours and is guaranteed by the manufacturer not to blister, peel or crack on other exterior wood surfaces like weatherboards, fences, shingles, pressure-treated pine, plywood, doors, trim and outdoor wood furniture.

This is the only wood care product on the local market that offers a four year guarantee on vertical surfaces and a two year guarantee on horizontal surfaces, according to the manufacturer’s announcement.

If you have a timber deck at home, why not give it a go and make a brand new one with your hands.

Happy DIY!

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