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Moisture Resistant MDF

Normal houses’s skirtings can be affected by water easily, do you know there is a unique moulding panel performs entirely differently to these products we use daily, which is water-proofing, thus delivering peace of mind to architects and builders. It’s called CHH panels.

In recently test, CHH panels have been submerged in water for 24 hours but did not have any change in shape, which is amazing.

As the supplier informs, CHH is highly durable EO moisture resistant and have been tested for a low formaldehyde emission solution that meet Australia demanding standard for formaldehyde of = 1.0mg/litre. It also has passed the demanding V313 Cyclic Test for the durability of the MDF when exposed to humid conditions.

The product is distinguished by a light green, proprietary primer, which not only helps paint glide on effectively and also provide better coverage for a smooth, seamless result.

The good news to our timber floor installers is this wood product also delivers a hassle free nailing, cutting and finishing experience.

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