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How to test my timber floor’s moisture content?(2)

Our flooring installation team member, Sam, continued share his experience on moisture content issue.

Sam reminded, “As in other occasions, it’s always important to know your tools’ capability. Meters of either type used incorrectly will not provide useful figures. Make sure you to know the timber species being used, for example, Kempas and Blackbutt, even with same moisture content, a capacitance meter will give you different reading at a particular setting.”

He said, “Visual inspection and a capacitance meter to isolate suspect floor boards and to confirm with a resistance meter is an ideal way for the best result. Moisture content can be tested by the oven dry method if you doubt or concern over meter readings.”

“At the time of no moisture meter at hand, you could still find related information by checking pack of your timber. It’s a necessary process for floor laying project,” He advised, “By doing this, you’ll know exactly what future movement of you materials can be expected.”

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