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Welcome Aboard: Strand Woven Bamboo Floor VS. Laminate Floor, Which One Suits Me Better?

Welcome Aboard Everyone.

Here is ‘Joke of the Day’ — “What did the spider email to the fly?” “Visit my Web Site!”

Strand woven bamboo flooring and laminate flooring all become more and more popular in Australia. We always have customers ask: which one to choose? Well, if you take a different view-point, there are something should be specially addressed in order to get the most suitable flooring for you.

Foot-feeling vs. durability. Bamboo floor board has the similar thickness of solid timber floor board, so it make people have the same comfortable foot-feeling as walking on hardwood flooring. Bamboo floor is also identified the second hardest than the most hardwood in the world. The reason being is that the row bamboo trips are compressed by a two thousand ton compressor during the production process which makes the strand woven bamboo flooring (Janka rating nearly 16kn) even harder than Iron Bark solid timber floor (Janka rating 14kn) which is known as one of the hardest timber in Australia. However, the surface of bamboo flooring is not that resist to scratches but it can be re-sanded and re-coated. Therefore, bamboo flooring is highly recommended in domestic use. Laminate flooring is specialized in resistant to scratches because of the durable wear layer on its surface. It is able to use for home, shop and office. 12mm thick laminate flooring is more popular than 8mm thick one nowadays.

Carelessness vs. over-care. Water damage is the most horrible result which could be caused not only by water leaking but also wet mopping. Most bamboo floor boards are wax sealed which are able to against some kind of wet damage in normal daily clean, but it is not water proofed after all. It is still easily damaged when carelessness occurs. Water and moisture can also cause significant damage to laminate floor. Therefore, always keep in mind, both of the flooring should be dry mopped or vacuumed instead of damp mopped frequently. We also have a number of customers who have their new timber flooring replaced due to over-maintenance (i.e. wet-mopping 2-3 times a week!)

Original grains vs. creative patterns. There are two most popular patterns of bamboo flooring: one is natural colour which is light yellow, the other is the dark brown carbonized colour both with original bamboo grains. Compared to the bamboo flooring the laminate flooring has a wide range of creative wood grain designs, each reflecting an unique charm to compliment the décor of any living or working space.

Well, as the old saying goes, you get what you paid for. Affordability sometimes is everything–the price of the bamboo flooring is normally doubled or even tripled the price of the laminate flooring, which one is within your reach?

Happy shopping, on our Web Site.

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