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Mountain Range Solid Timber Floor

There is a growing trend for lighter solid timber species especially for open plan living spaces nowadays, we call the timber species ‘Mountain Range’.

The range includes New England Oak, Australian Beech, Ribbon Gum, Messmate, Stringybark, Spotted Gum and New England Blackbutt.

Some of them are well-known hardwood species which have been used in different applications in long history but is now in high demand for flooring, like ‘Messmate’ solid timber.

These timber species varis in grain, textures and patterns. From the mellow tones of New England Oak to the pale brown and golden hues of Australian Beech, the Mountain Range timbers offer a range of colours for both business and luxurious home flooring applications.

Grades available in classic grade, Australiana grade and natural grade. Janka(hardness) Ranting between 6.0 – 8.0 for these species.

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