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How To Create A Beautiful Scotia Moulding Finishing At Your Own House

As ‘Murphy’s Law’ indicates, “Anything tastes better in someone else’s house.”

How to make our own home looks better than others then? Smart home owners focus on details when checking floor installers’ finishing works. A small error on fitting of scotia moulding can affect a whole beautiful job. Therefore, it makes sense to discuss how to create a desirable finishing touch on fitting of scotia moulding.

One of the common issues is how to join scotia mouldings when there is a long wall. Installer has to make a joint because normal length of a scotia moulding is around 2.4 metres. One piece of scotia should be cut at a 45 degrees angle and another should be cut at a 135 degrees angle. After fitting them, colour-matched gap sealant can be used to fix the gap of the joint between two pieces.

When two piece of scotia come to join at a corner of wall, both pieces should be cut at a 45 degrees angle and squared with each other. The gap of the joint should also be filled with gap sealant too. When it comes to finish at door frame, scotia moulding should be cut at desired angle at the end of skirting and glued to door frame.

We concentrate on details because everybody loves good tasting things:)

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