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Floor Repairing (1)

Repairing is necessary part of timber flooring work. Some floor installers take it as challenge. Our installation team member, Sergio, would like to discuss how.

“First of all, you’ll have to assess the job. Avoid giving quote over the phone, because you have to see the degree of the floor damage by your eyes. Whether to partly change or total replace the existing timber, you need to work out the pricing difference.”

Sergio continues, “Secondly you need to make 100% sure what’s the cause of the damage. Has this cause been correctly fixed? If not, you’re taking risk of similar damage happening again in the coming future.”

“You need to test the replacing materials before start. It’s a good beginning. Make sure your customer has seen and know exactly what you’re going to re-install. Will the colour and the gloss levels be the same as the old ones? Will the floor boards be competitive to each others in terms of width, thickness and even grade? If the answers are all ‘Yes’, that’s great.”

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