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DIY Staining Timber Floors

One of our installation team member, Sam, shares with his experience on timber floor staining.

“Today, thanks to the various stain products, staining is easy as new floor laying,” Sam said, “choose the right type is important when doing the job.”

“There’re four type of stains: water, oil, solvent and spirt based stains, each of them is different in quality and limitation. Like many timber flooring products, sometimes a same timber product name yet may vary in colour by a different supplier.”

Sam continus, “When start staining, if you’re not sure if the stain is compatible with the filler you use or if the filler can absord the stain, you’ll have to check them beforehand.”

“Another common practics is the stain should be darker than the filler for a better finish, or you can use tint base filler.”

Sam said he had done some staining jobs. It’s also important to follow the other procedure and basic rules, like:

  • Have the stain tools like a cloth, sponge, vacuum and putty ready;
  • Filling every cracks, nail holes etc;
  • Vacuum and dust the original floor;
  • Allow to dry then finish the floor with selecte coating;
  • When use oil based stains, make sure the stain absorb filler evenly.

“It’s advisable to take a small piece of off cut wood to try the final coat with the filler. If you’ve chose the right one, you’re sure to do a professional job.” Sam concludeds.

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