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Decision, Decision — A Wide Selections Of Bamboo Flooring

As the old saying goes: Never make a decision you can get someone else to make, like your wife.

Bamboo is the fast growing product that is emerging as the new trend of flooring choices, it has a very distinctive grain and it’s tougher than many of the hardwood timber flooring. More importantly, it’s a viable alternative to hardwood.

In the local market, bamboo flooring is divided into three main styles–vertical, horizontal and strand woven.

The vertical bamboo flooring is manufactured from strips of bamboo which bonded together on edge vertically. The nodes of bamboo are hard to detect when produced in this style. The horizontal one is totally different from the vertical one. It highlights the nodes which is the character of bamboo. The strand woven bamboo flooring is a homogeneous product, which comprised by shredded bamboo strips which blended with glue, therefore, it is considered harder than other two.

Bamboo flooring also produced to a big variety of colours, which include coffee, natural, dark wanut, red jarrah etc. The natural colour is maintained with minimal processing where the coffee colour is achieved through a smoking or heating process. The rest of colours are normally stained ones.

Please check in store for our big bamboo flooring colour range, and be smart enough to decide who is going to make a decision.

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