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Anti-Slip Product For Your Timber

We recently had a commercial client asked, “Is there a kind of anti-slip product for our flooring which is invisible but still working well?”, Our answer to this is — ‘Yes’.

The product named ‘Add-A-Grip’, is an invisible coating that will not change the appearance of the floor surface, which is a good news for many commercial users .

It’s a kind of concentrate clear liquid solution, can be diluted with parts of water and mopped over the floor. Once the floor is dry, an invisible grip film is left on the floor surface providing the anti-slip solution you want. More advantages are, the product has no smells and economic in value.

You can mop on it as many times as you like, but the on-going washing of the applied floor will slowly remove the grip film. The solution is you can re-applied the product on your floor on a regular basis every 9-12 cleans.

This great innovative Australian made flooring accessories has already been used in many places as office, hospitals, for their existing vinyl and timber floors.

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